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Peyton and Eli Manning Recreate Viral Internet Meme Video

Peyton Eli Manning
Peyton and Eli Manning. Photo via Verizon/NFL commercial.

There has been a popular meme circulating around the internet over the last few weeks. With audio taken from the movie Zoolander, people have been recreating the “I’m not your brah” scene from the movie.

And that includes the Manning brothers, too.

While gearing up for the NFL’s Pro Bowl and subsequent activities, Eli and Peyton Manning recreated the popular video that has been going around social media.

“I’m not your brah,” Peyton said at the end of the video at the spot where most stop recording.

“Yes you are,” Eli responded back, adding his own commentary as the joke.

The Manning brothers are no strangers to comedy videos over the years. Whether it’s been a Super Bowl commercial, a Saturday Night Live sketch, or an ESPN skit, Eli and Peyton have produced some great moments over the years.

Here’s a look at some of the best videos from Eli and Peyton Manning:

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