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Super Bowl Special Prop Bets: Coin Toss, Halftime Show, Gatorade Bath

The Super Bowl always brings some of the most entertaining football and some fun and sometimes crazy prop bets, and Super Bowl 57 is no different. One of the most popular is the coin toss at the beginning of the game. It is the most traditional bet of all time, and you only have to do one thing;

Heads or tails?

The Super Bowl coin toss prop has become one of the top prop bets, and with the further legalization of mobile sports betting across the country, even more people are going to be watching closely as the ceremonial coin is flipped into the air. 

Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will meet at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., to determine this season’s NFL champion. Before the game officially gets underway, there is just one thing to settle: the coin toss. 

Below, we have included the odds from some of the top sportsbooks for the Super Bowl coin toss prop so you can make sure you are getting the best odds possible.


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Super Bowl Coin Toss History

The coin toss winners are in a bit of a funk right now. The last time the team that called the coin toss correctly and went on to win the game was in 2014 when the Seattle Seahawks embarrassed the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 48. Since then, the team that has won the coin toss is 0-7.

Here is a list of the last 20 Super Bowl coin toss results to give you a better idea of the trends.

56Rams vs. BengalsHeadsBengalsRams
55Chiefs vs. BuccaneersHeadsChiefsBuccaneers
54Chiefs vs. 49ersTails49ersChiefs
53Patriots vs. RamsHeadsRamsPatriots
52Patriots vs. EaglesHeadsPatriotsEagles
51Patriots vs. FalconsTailsFalconsPatriots
50Panthers vs. BroncosTailsPanthersBroncos
49Patriots vs. SeahawksTailsSeahawksPatriots
48Broncos vs. SeahawksTailsSeahawksSeahawks
47Ravens vs. 49ersHeadsRavensRavens

Halftime Show Props

The Super Bowl halftime show is always entertaining, and bettors can have a little money riding on the performance through a list of different prop bets.

When Rihanna takes the stage during the halftime show, all eyes will not only be on her performance, but with all of the Super Bowl halftime props, you can make the intermission before the second half of Super Bowl 57 even more exciting. 

From which song Rihanna will lead off with to which guest she will bring on stage, if you can imagine it, chances are all of the top mobile sportsbooks will offer that prop. Each sportsbook will have different props with different odds, so make sure you scan each sportsbook, make your picks, and enjoy the show. If things go right, you will have a little extra cash as the second half of the game kicks off. 

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First & Last Songs Played

For these props, you must correctly predict the song Rhianna opens and closes her performance with. Each sportsbook will have different odds for each song.

Total Songs

The Super Bowl halftime performance varies in length depending on the artist performing. Unless you have seen the script, there is no telling how long or which songs will be played. With this prop, a set over/under for the number of songs performed can be bet on. 

For example, FanDuel has the over/under for the number of songs performed by Rhianna at 8.5, meaning she would have to perform nine or more songs for the over to hit or eight or fewer songs for the under to cash. 

Outfit Color

Believe it or not, you can also wager on the color of Rhianna’s outfit for her performance. This prop can be wagered multiple different ways, depending on which sportsbook you are betting through

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Gatorade Bath Props

One of the best traditions in football is seeing the winning coach of the Super Bowl get a Gatorade bath once it is clear that team is going to win the Super Bowl. This prop actually has some strategy behind it, as you can search the internet for the common color of Gatorade each team has used all season. 

For example, the Chiefs used Orange Gatorade to douse Andy Reid after their Super Bowl 55 victory, and currently, FanDuel is offering Orange (+280) as the second-most likely color of Gatorade. Coming in as the favorite is Yellow/Lime/Green (+150), which is the color the Eagles dumped on Nick Sirianni after the NFC Championship game. 

With the Eagles playing as the favorite, it is clear why Yellow/Lime/Green is the favorite, with Orange coming in second. This is an excellent way to hedge a moneyline bet for Super Bowl 57. If you think the Chiefs will win, you can wager on Yellow/Lime/Green as the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach to try and walk away with a winner.

Here are the results of the last 10 Super Bowls to give you an idea of how the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach has changed. 


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Other Prop Bets

There are hundreds of fun props for you to choose from for Super Bowl 57. Each sportsbook will have a different prop section to pick from, giving you countless ways to get some action on the board. 

Other types of prop bets include the over/under for the national anthem, who will be mentioned first during the Super Bowl MVP speech, commercial props, including which brand will have the first commercial shown, and much more. 

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