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    Another day has passed as Tennessee searches for a new head football coach, and some new names have been added to the list.

    We have an extensive list of candidates for Tennessee’s open head coaching position. This pool of coaches is who we expect Tennessee will be looking at to become the Vols’ next head coach.

    Our hot board is divided into four different categories. We have the “big names,” the “up-and-comers,” the “sought-after assistants,” and the “long shots.”

    Here is our extensive list of Tennessee’s head coaching candidates.

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    1. My opinion is: Be careful who you wish for, you might get them! We all know Jon Gruden knows a lot about football but how much does he know about being a College Football Coach? We need a person who is a dynamic coach that will take these recruits to the next level. We already have the talent in place, we just need to have a coach that knows how to develop them. So, Mr. Currie, please be careful and choose the right coach this time! I love Tennessee Vols football and just want it back to the glory days. Go Big Orange!

    2. Bobby Petrine, T. Martin, new ideas, more disciplined better connected to the players. Able to instill Tennessee volunteers traditional into the game .and bring us back where we belong. I think recruting will still be good with either one of these as coaches?

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