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Welcome To Rocky Top Insider


Greetings, and welcome to Rocky Top Insider, a brand new digital destination which will provide in-depth coverage of all things Volunteer. Before you roll your eyes at the notion of yet another website dedicated to the University of Tennessee football and basketball programs, there’s something you should know.

Rocky Top Insider will be far more than just another website. Or just a website, for that matter. Yes, right now, as we launch, we will offer primarily written content detailing anything from the latest developments on the recruiting trail to SEC Media Days to the highly anticipated onset of fall camp.

But as we speak, we’re hard at work at finalizing the details of the RTI digital studios — complete with a professionally constructed set — in our home office located in Alcoa. From these digital studios, we will be providing podcasted audio as well as HD video — content which will be high in quality, rich in information, entertaining by nature and portable across any mobile device. Aiding in that portability will be the free Rocky Top Insider app which should be live by Football Time in Tennessee!

How in the world, you may be wondering, can Rocky Top Insider deliver all that? The answer lies in the combined capability of the RTI team. That team boasts five members, four involved in the day-to-day operations, three who are full-time beat reporters, two who have extensive and diversified business backgrounds, and one who is an executive based right here in Knoxville with over 30 years of high-level national media experience. (To learn more about the individual members of our team, check the RTI Team option on our menu bar.)

But enough about us. You’re here for the site, so please allow us to tell you a bit about it. Visit early and often if you’re interested in being kept in the loop on virtually anything pertaining to UT Sports. Want the latest on Team 118? Fantastic. We’ll tell you everything we can about them, starting with our continuous coverage of SEC Media Days. And fall camp? We’ll be all over it.

Interested in recruiting? (Who’s not?) We’ll come at you fast and furious with stories about and interviews with Tennessee’s most sought after recruits. (Kahlil, anyone?) And speaking of recruiting, we aim to provide an embarrassment of riches for the UT recruiting junkie via our Recruiting Pages section.

The Vol Targets page lists every recruit that UT has a legitimate shot at getting for its 2015 class. Click on any recruit’s name to visit his individual page where you’ll find everything you need to know about him. His offer list, his status, his highlights, and how the RTI staff feels he might fit in at UT. What’s more, each recruit’s page will automatically populate itself with any articles the RTI staff has written about that particular recruit.

In addition to the Vol Target Page, we also have a page dedicated to current commits of the 2015 Class. We’ve even put together a 2015 Mock Class page that tries to predict exactly who will be wearing the orange season after next. While all of our recruiting pages will be static to an extent, they’ll also be updated as things change. So be sure to visit them again and again.

But what if you want to break down the latest in recruiting? Or what if you want to interact with the RTI staff? Then sign up for our forum where you can do both those things. We’re dedicated to building an interactive community and we badly want you to be a part of it.

So, again, welcome to Rocky Top Insider! We promise to hustle each and every day to not only bring you the very latest in UT athletics, but to also to entertain you along the way!

And thank you for visiting. We hope to see you again soon.


Bob Baskerville and John Cave Osborne
Rocky Top Insider

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