RTI’s Preseason SEC Power Rankings

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    By: John Cave Osborne

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    SEC Championship Trophy

    Greetings RTI Nation, and welcome to this week’s SEC Power Rankings where I will (a) break down the SEC pecking order and (b) do my best to sprinkle in a touch of snark. Just because. So, without further, here’s what we got:

    14. Kentucky

    If you’re wondering what the future holds for Kentucky under second-year coach Mark Stoops, I can sum it up for you in two words:

    More losing. But at least Kentucky will be a little tougher this year. Still, if someone told you Justin Bieber got tougher, would you suddenly think he was a badass? Yes, the Wildcats have stud linebacker Bud Dupree returning. And yes, their leading rush, JoJo Kemp is also returning. And sure, they’ve added a top 20 recruiting class to the mix. But it’s going to take more than a snazzy recruiting class or two to reverse a century of football futility.

    13. Vanderbilt

    Funny how things work out. It’s Vanderbilt who’s won two straight over Tennessee, yet it’s also Vanderbilt that has a more uncertain future thanks to a first-year head coach and the new 3-4 defensive scheme he brings with him. Derek Mason could be a good fit in Nashville, but even if he is, with only 10 returning starters and an incoming class that was decimated by the departure of James Franklin, this is sure to be a paltry year for the Commodores. Good thing for their incredibly soft non-conference schedule. WHICH, incidentally, the Food Network almost used for an episode of their wildly popular show Cupcake Wars. Good luck with the new defense, Commodore Nation. Sal Sunseri says hello.

    12. Arkansas

    Good news: the only person who’s even come close to stopping running back Alex Collins from doing whatever he wants is his mom. Jonathon Williams ain’t bad either. Nor is their experienced O-line.

    Bad news for the Hogs: It’s mathematically impossible for any coach who looks as much like Butthead as Brett Bielema does to lead a team to SEC glory.


    Plus, if Vol Nation thinks it’s got problems under center? In Fayetteville, things are so bad they’re setting quarterbacks’ cars on fire. Presumably so they won’t be able to show up for games. Hike that shit directly to Collins, likely the thought.

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