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Report Card: Oklahoma 34 Vols 10



Daniel: How do you grade a QB who was under duress for much of the night? Justin Worley was tough, you have to say that. He was sacked five times and hit many more times, but he kept battling and never complained or blamed anybody else. He did, however, turn the ball over three times – even if there were some bounces that didn’t go his way. You can’t win on the road regularly that way. Considering he didn’t get enough help overall, I have to grade leniently and give him credit for the 200+ yards passing and his nice TD toss to Josh Smith. This is a much different Justin Worley than the one that was overwhelmed at Oregon last year. Barring injury, he’s this team’s QB, though the Vols have to keep him upright more. Grade: B-

Houston: He fought his guts out for four quarters, but it was a forgettable night for Justin Worley as the senior was sacked five times and forced into three turnovers. The only turnover that you can blame entirely on him also happened to be the biggest and most damaging as Worley’s pass to the end zone from the four-yard line was intercepted and returned the length of the field for a touchdown. At that point, a game that should be 27-17 turns into 34-10 and all hope of a miracle is lost. Tons of credit should go to Worley for his effort in this game and there is no question that he will learn a lot from this performance. Grade: C

Reed: This is the toughest grade for me this week. Worley was running for his life for much of the night and took an absolute beating. His courage under pressure is commendable. Yet, he accounted for three turnovers, the last of which resulted in a 14 point swing when he threw into triple coverage. That interception effectively ended the game. Grade: C-

Average Grade: C

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