Daily Archives: Sep 9, 2014

Tennessee continues to mix and match along the offensive line as the Vols look for the best five to start at Oklahoma.

Some notes and observations from the offensive side of the ball from Tuesday afternoon.

Not a whole lot from the defensive field today as we were only given one real portion of defensive drills to watch this afternoon,...


Video highlights from Tennessee's 9-9 practice. Watch QBs, WRs, PRs and Ps work.

The Vols suffered a minor setback on Tuesday as Memphis offensive tackle Drew Richmond committed Ole Miss. Where do the Vols go from here?

Photos have come out showing a new Smokey Gray jersey look that is being sold in stores.

RTI takes a look at Tennessee's next opponent and sheds some light on what the Vols can expect when they face the Sooners this weekend.

After two weeks, and two wins, the Vols rank among the SEC leaders in several categories but are lagging behind in others. Here's a look at how they stack up within the SEC.