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Gradulating, er, Celebrating the 5 Yr Anniversary of Go Gata


5. The Name Game

I sorta feel her pain here. Because I’m truly horrible with names. I’m always getting them wrong. But what’s even worse is that I’ll go right up to someone whose name I’m uncertain of and just bust out what I think it is with the confidence of a game-show host. Like six times straight. Only to have it wrong.

BUT, in my defense, I’ve NEVER done that on the Floor of The House of Representatives.  All of which leads to one basic question.

Who the hell is Irvin Myers?

I decided to do a Google image search to find the answer. Appears to be this dude on the top left:


Only I’m not even sure he’s a coach. But assuming he was, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t running the spread. Wild hunch that he’s probably lining his boys up in a T formation.


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