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Gradulating, er, Celebrating the 5 Yr Anniversary of Go Gata


It’s the five year anniversary of a momentous occasion. US Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s riveting Go Gata speech, delivered with impossible eloquence (seriously, it was impossible) to all her fellow constituents. That’s right. That went down in 2009 and here we are five years later, so I felt it only appropriate that we take some time to visit the 10 best things about it, in chronological order, as a way of honoring tomorrow’s big game.

In each slide, I’ve embedded the video at the exact point I’d like to celebrate, so click play and listen for a few seconds, then read my commentary below. But this first one isn’t a video clip. It’s a still of Corrine. Because you don’t need moving pictures to appreciate my first reason. Which is…

1. Don King

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.40.02 AM

One great thing about this video? We now know that somewhere in this fine nation, Don King is wondering where in THE hell he left that damn bathrobe Irving Meyers Urban Meyer gave him. (Don’t worry. I didn’t fully understand that joke, either, but I’m keeping it.)


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