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Jones Gives Players First-Class Treatment on Team Flights

Butch Jones-1-6The term “player’s coach” gets thrown around a lot and it’s certainly been used to describe Tennessee coach Butch Jones in several contexts.

But Jones takes it to another level when the team loads up the charter flight for road games, as they will this weekend when the Vols travel to Ole Miss. He gives the entire First Class cabin to his players and takes one of the less comfortable seats for himself.

“That’s true,” said starting left tackle Kyler Kerbyson. “He gives it all to us. He really is a player’s coach and loves treating us really, really well – he sits back in Coach.”

Why does Jones – the boss, the head coach and the most recognizable person in the organization – do it?

“Just because we’re such big guys,” Kerbyson said. “He helps the starting five (offensive linemen) and puts us on first class so we can have a comfortable seat. He doesn’t leave out the other guys though – (Justin) Worley’s up there, Curt (Maggitt), A.J. (Johnson), Cam (Sutton) and a lot of the other starters and player staff is up there, so he takes care of everybody.”

It’ll be a short flight to Oxford, but that’s a pretty big gesture from Jones, who again shows why players enjoy playing for him.

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