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10 Things About Ole Miss Fan Crying Video


4. No Grace Period

I know a few split-allegience households, and the secret to their success is the mandatory “grace period” which is observed after all intra-household contests. During said grace period, any and all forms of shit-talk is strictly forbidden. The bigger the heartbreak, the longer the grace period.

But not only did this guy blow right through the “grace period,” he also struck while the iron was hot.

Because shortly after the milk slam, the Ole Miss Miss hangs her head and seems to be petering out, a few sobs away, perhaps, from involuntary slumber. Which is when Tiger Boy decides to go with the LSU war chant / crowd revver deal that the LSU band plays.


As much as I disapprove of Tiger’s Boy decision to employ the tactic, his execution is flawless. This slide is cued up to that very moment for your viewing entertainment.

No. 4 set the table for…


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