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Report Card: No. 20 Missouri 29 Tennessee 21

Jalen Hurd-1-3

 Running Backs

Daniel: This really should be referred to as “running back” (singular) because Jalen Hurd is all the Vols have right now. He had a few negative yardage plays on jailbreaks by the Missouri defensive line, but I thought Hurd played decently well overall considering his limited opportunities. He ended the game with 17 touches for 80 yards. Marlin Lane, the only other healthy scholarship running back, had just two touches for two yards. It’s tough to give a fair grade here because of limited opportunities and the fact that they didn’t get a ton of help. Grade: C+

Houston:  Without much room to work with in the running game, it’s hard to grade this group. Running backs only receives 12 carries for the entire game, so there isn’t really much to go on when grading this group. Jalen Hurd had 11 carries for 40 yards and added another 40 yards on six catches in the passing game. That is pretty solid production, he just didn’t get as many opportunities to make plays as I thought he should have. Marlin Lane got one carry in the game for no yardage, so this grade is really just for Jalen Hurd. Grade: B

Reed: Jalen Hurd needed way more touches last night. When he got the ball on the edge he routinely made Missouri pay, but the Vols didn’t go to Hurd often enough. He averaged 4.7 yards per touch. The Vols averaged 4.2 yards per play. Since Hurd is all Tennessee has in the backfield, this grade is for him. Grade: B+

Average Grade: B

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