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Checking the Film: A Second Look at UT’s 24-17 win over VU

Cam Sutton-1

First Quarter:

14:40: This play looks like a designed run that Joshua Dobbs checks to a quick pass to Von Pearson based on the coverage. The safety covering Pearson is 12 yards away from him at the snap of the ball, which makes for a very easy throw for Dobbs. After that, Pig Howard clears the way for Pearson by blocking the outside corner and creating a nice lane for Pearson to the outside.

13:02 Vanderbilt sends the perfect blitz on this third down and gets the stop. It appeared that Jalen Hurd could have punched it up in the middle and picked up the first, but if Alex Ellis can maintain his block for a split-second more then this could have been a huge play. Ryan Jenkins loses against the cornerback on the outside and he’s able to dive in and trip up Hurd.

12:02: Tremendous play by LaDarrell McNeil to fight off the block from tight end Davis Dudchock (6’4, 250) and bring down Johnny McCrary on the designed quarterback run. There was a lot of space ahead of McCrary on this play if McNeil isn’t able to shuck the block and make the play.

11:13: LaTroy Lewis gets an excellent rush against Vanderbilt’s right tackle on this designed quarterback keeper, but narrowly misses the sack thanks to a blatant hold that goes uncalled. Curt Maggitt flies in to slow McCrary down and force him to the outside before Danny O’Brien (also being held) and LaDarrell McNeil finish the play and force the punt.

11:01: Vanderbilt’s first punt attempt is a directional kick to the sidelines – away from Cam Sutton. This makes it appear as if the one he returns later in this quarter was a mis-kicked ball by the punter.

10:20: Kyler Kerbyson falls victim to a sensational spin-move here and Joshua Dobbs is hit as he’s trying to throw the football. Plays like this take a toll on quarterbacks and play-callers.

8:42: Maggitt goes with a wide set and explodes by the RT to force the throwaway by Robinette. The play drew an intentional grounding call, but who can blame Robinette for trying to protect himself on third down.

8:36: Cam Sutton finally got the opportunity to prove that all of those teams that refused to punt to him this season were right to do so. Good blocking, but even better cuts by Sutton result in the first touchdown return of the season on special teams. Vanderbilt was clearly trying to punt the ball down the left sideline, but a mis-hit punt gives it to Sutton in the center of the field…bad idea.

8:17: Very close call on the ensuing kickoff after the wind moved the ball on the tee just before Medley kicked it. The Vols nearly recovered the ball off the bounce for an impromptu onside kick.

7:27: Brendan Downs does a very nice job to meet the defender in the hole and lock him up, while Joshua Dobbs makes a nifty move to break free of the line and scamper for 14 yards.

3:45: This is where Jalen Hurd exits the game. After watching a few plays over and over again, it’s still very hard to determine when/where his “injury” occurred. If it was a concussion, as some have suggested, it certainly didn’t come on a “bone-crushing” hit.

2:47: Joshua Dobbs is actually met in the backfield by the defender on this play (after nearly mishandling the fake handoff), but a nicely executed stiff arm allows him to spring free and pick up 22 yards on a play where he only needed one for the first down.

And here’s a look at some fancy sleight-of-hand with the football:

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