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RTI’s Top 10 Bowl Games


It’s great to finally be able to talk about Tennessee football during the holiday season again. While our guys at RTI are deep into the analysis of the matchup with Iowa, I thought I would break down some of the other action for you. We all know there’s the annual pile of postseason matchups that we may watch or pay attention to simply because they’re being played; you know, holiday tradition and all. But which games are the “must see TV” games of this bowl season? So let me help you sift through some of this with what I believe will be the Bowl games from the 2014 season.

With the SEC having such a superior composition of programs in the college football landscape, it’s no surprise that I have many conference teams peppered throughout this list. But there are certainly other factors to consider. Location. Time of day the game will air. Tradition; in other words, there are a few bowl games from my point of view that end up delivering great drama every single year, and it’s not just the Championship game. One thing that won’t factor in, is what networks the games will be found on. All but five bowl games will be found on ESPN, and out of those five outliers, two will be shown on ESPN2, and another two will play out on ABC (all you Verne Lundquist fans will get to see Uncle Verne one more time this season call the Sun Bowl on CBS, their lone bowl game of the season). That my friends, is yet another example of why the four letter is the most valuable media asset there is, bar none; they literally own the rights to any games that truly matter in the most popular college sport there is.

That commentary aside, here’s my Top 10 Bowl games for y’all to watch, in order of what I believe will be the 10 best games:

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