10 Statements the Vols Made in Jacksonville

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    Alison P. McNabb Dobbsimage via Alison P. McNabb / Tennessee Athletics

    Like most catch phrases in sports, this one tends to get overused. But anyone who watched the Tennessee Volunteers dismantle the Iowa Hawkeyes in Friday’s TaxSlayer Bowl witnessed a statement win if there ever was one.

    The stakes weren’t as high. The odds weren’t as long. But there was still something about Friday’s game that harkened back to the iconic 1986 Sugar Bowl victory, another statement win to be certain. Back in 86, the gritty Vols’ message was to Miami and all the other highfalutin programs of the world: You’d best not underestimate us, because Tennessee Football is a force to be reckoned with. A statement the ensuing two decades would, indeed, validate.

    While today’s Volunteers may not be on par with the No. 4 ranked Sugar Vols, their primary statement was made just as emphatically.

    Tennessee Football is back.

    Here are 9 other statements the Vols made in Jacksonville: