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Sugarlands Shine Giving RTI Followers Great Prizes


The best thing about being a part of Rocky Top Insider is all the great people we come into contact with. Like the folks who regularly visit our site and hit us up on Twitter. Or the people who listen to RTI Radio on our free app (for both Android and iPhone) and call into the show.

But here at RTI we also run into great people in the form of our sponsors. And none are better than our friends at Sugarlands Shine. We’ve talked a ton about their product, and rightfully so. Their award-winning shine is worthy of high praise, indeed. But so, too, is their generosity, as evidenced by how eager they were to sponsor our Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge. Nearly 500 of you signed up! But there can only be one winner.

Check that. There can only be only three winners. Because Sugarlands agreed to offer gift cards to the top three finishers of our Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge. And those three are:

No. 1: brando1083 (571 points) Congratulations! You’ve won a $200 gift card redeemable at Sugarlands Distilling Co. in Gatlinburg TN where you can use your card to pick up some Sugarlands Shine or any and all types of cool swag imaginable. (I recommend their hats…)
No. 2: Flokiaxe1 (547 points) Congrats! You’ve won a $100 gift card!
No. 3: kdevereaux2011 (541) Congrats! You’ve won a $50 gift card!

BUT WAIT, as the old saying goes, there’s more! Because Sugarlands also ran a Twitter campaign whereby all you had to do was follow them @SugarlandsShine (which you should totally be doing anyway) and re-tweet one of our tweets for a chance to win another gift card.

We drew the winner today and are proud to announce it’s none other than one of our very favorites, @cbrentv3. Way to go Brent! We’re stoked you won the drawing.

And congrats to all the other winners. Be on the lookout for a message from us on how we’ll go about getting your gift card to you.

And, finally, a big thank you to Sugarlands Shine. We really appreciate what you do for us and for our followers.

Sips up, y’all…

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