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RTI NEWS: Introducing Our New Section, The Foothills


We’ve spent the last seven months working hard to establish ourselves as your one-stop digital destination for all things UT Sports. And that will never change. It’s our mission, dare I say our purpose, to provide you, our reader, our listener and our (soon-to-be) viewer with the very latest and greatest coverage of all things Big Orange.

That said, it recently occurred to us that many of our followers have interests outside of UT Sports (gasp). I know. It’s weird. Still, for that reason we’ve decided to expand our horizon a bit via a brand new section of our website — The Foothills — a place a bit removed from where we get our corn from a jar.

But a place, nonetheless, where many things of intrigue abound. Think pop-cultury type stuff. Maybe one of us saw a great show. Or maybe one of us went on a Netflix bender. Or maybe one of us saw a flick worth discussing. Or felt like rattling off a bunch of Anthony Weiner headlines. We’ve decided to put such odds and ends right here in The Foothills.

Fear not, however. Because as previously mentioned, we’re not abandoning what we love to do most — what we do best — break down all things Vols. But we do intend to dabble a bit in the world of pop culture and when we do, we’ll put it right here in The Foothills where you can find our thoughts on any number of matters.

So, with that, The Foothills have arrived. We hope you like it. But if you don’t, no worries. Your space on Rocky Top hasn’t gone anywhere, and the Insiders will make sure to always keep that spot safe and sound.

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