Friday Top 10: Observations From Spring Practice

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    1. Quinten Dormady can sling it

    Quinten Dormady-1-4I’ve spent more time watching the quarterbacks than any other position due to the hype around Joshua Dobbs and the intrigue with the newcomers – Dormady and Jauan Jennings. One of the first things that stuck out to me is how well Dormady is throwing it for a player who technically should still be in high school. He’s well-built physically, has a somewhat unique, but effective compact delivery and the ball flies out of his hand with a tight spiral and, generally, good accuracy.

    It’s early, and we haven’t seen him against live bullets, so it’s hard to make too many definitive statements. But he looks the part, has a big arm and looks to be athletic enough to make some plays with his feet as well. He’s a very early favorite for that second-string job behind Dobbs.