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Insider Mailing: Circle of Life Edition

Mosley Kendrick-1

Circle of Life Drill: Manning v Brady, Butch v Saban, Daniel v Houston, JJ Watt v Lebron, who ya got? – Jake Tidwell

Daniel: Manning over Brady (see below video of Brady trying to make a tackle), Saban would pull some highly illegal holding move and win while SEC refs let it happen, Watt over LeBron and me over Houston all day. Get me some pads and fire up Periscope and I’ll prove that last one.

Houston: Peyton would rather die than lose to Brady, so I’ll take Peyton as either winning the drill or dying in the process. Butch would crush Saban, but Saban would probably try to cheat…so that one’s tough to call. J.J. Watt would out-tough LeBron in a big way, in my opinion. “Low man wins.”

Reed: Great question, Jake. I’m going with Brady over Manning due to the fragile state of Manning’s neck. Sorry folks. I’ll take Butch over Saban because Butch is young, he’s not an emotionless robot and he’s little bigger. Daniel v Houston is an interesting one. Many may not know this, but Daniel played HS football at Brentwood Academy. On the offensive line. Houston plays kickball. So I’m taking Daniel over Houston in a drill that ends quickly. Likewise, JJ Watt would dominate LeBron. King James has to be carried off the court if he’s cramping. JJ Watt played football with this:

And he may drink his own blood.


Will JoeJuan Williams and Nigel Warrior both sign w/ UT in a class with limited spots and other positions of greater need? – Evan P.

Daniel: I think so. Secondary may not be the top priority in this class, but it could lose as many as three starters after 2015 (McNeil, Randolph, Sutton if he goes pro), so adding a couple corners and safeties makes sense and Marquill Osborne is the only one they have right now. Both guys are definitely takes and with Butch’s record with the Nashville area (Williams) and legacies (Warrior), I like the Vols’ chances with both at this point.

Houston: Not to be too simplistic, but yes. The numbers always work themselves out.

If the Cavs beat this Warriors team without Love and Irving, and Lebron averages a triple double, does Jordan have a Finals performance on his resume that can match it? – Brian Petty

Houston: No. Nobody has. Now, Jordan never needed a performance like that to win a title – thanks to solid teammates – so it’s tough to say he “could” or “couldn’t” have ever put up numbers like this. BUT, if the Cavs win this series, then LeBron deserves (almost) all the credit.

Reed: Nope. LeBron is putting together the most impressive Finals I’ve ever seen AND he’s doing it with what may be the worst supporting cast in Finals history. That said, Jordan, of course, doesn’t have any disappearing acts on his Finals resume.

Is this the season that Josh Malone breaks out? It seems like he has the skills, athleticism, and scheme. Did he need time? – Andrew Fisher

Houston: Based on the spring, no. But, maybe the summer and some more time in the film/weight room will help him accelerate the process. Josh Malone just needs to get out of his own way, focus on being great, and go out and perform. To me, it’s an effort-thing with Malone, not a talent-thing.

Reed: This summer is critical for Josh Malone. During a speaking engagement this week, Butch Jones praised his recent work ethic. So that could be a good sign. There’s no question Josh Malone has the skills to be a great SEC receiver, but he’s just not been able to be mentally consistent for long periods of time. His effort in practice wasn’t there in the spring. Until I see him thriving on the practice field, it’ll be tough for me to predict him to have a breakout campaign.

What games on UT’s schedule could draw an 8 P.M. primetime game? – @SmokeyGreyVol

Reed: At first I thought Oklahoma, but Oregon and Michigan State are scheduled to be the 8 pm ABC game that week. You’d have to think Tennessee will have a couple 3:30 pm CBS games this year. I’d be willing to bet Arkansas, depending on how both teams do up to that point, will have a shot at a primetime slot or that 3:30 CBS kick.

Does Jauan Jennings play some wildcat this year? – Wes Whitener

Houston: Ummmm, I’m not sure that it really mattered but with the latest news that he may be in some trouble with the law, assuming he’s still with the team, I definitely expect Jennings to redshirt and focus on improving.

Daniel: Like Houston said, it’s legal questions pending at this point, but that aside, I think a redshirt year would be best if the ultimate goal remains to keep him at quarterback. If they don’t want to redshirt him for whatever reason, then yes, I’d say to expect to have some kind of wildcat package in the playbook for him.

Reed: I’m convinced Curry is hiding an injury. He hasn’t been the same player since that nasty fall at Houston. Still, Delly has been fantastic against him. Cleveland’s strategy to swarm to Curry and Thompson has proven to be extremely effective.

But come on. Curry could still get going in these Finals and Butch Jones, after back-to-back top-5 classes, is practically a certified brick mason at this point.

Who are your favorite non-sports people on Twitter? –@DesertVol

Daniel: @SWansonQs

Houston: I don’t know that I follow any….This is bad.

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