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Even Crazy Alabama Fans Think The Vols Will Have A Good Season

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Harvey Updyke is one of the biggest reasons the “crazy Alabama fan” stereotype exists. He infamously poisoned Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner trees and then called in to the Paul Finebaum show and admitted it…

Harvey does not mess around when it comes to the Tide. But, last night he took some time out of his busy schedule, which we can only assume consists mainly of plotting other ways to ruin Auburn University, to tweet a couple of nice things about the Vols:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Updyke also hates Georgia and specifically Mark Richt with a burning passion:

And he hates Florida:

Harvey Updyke is basically a Tennessee fan…

OKAY, maybe he’s not exactly a Tennessee fan but hey, he thinks the Vols are going to have a good year. And when the most diehard Alabama fan in the country thinks Tennessee is back, you know there might be something special going on.

UPDATE: And we asked him for a record prediction as well…

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