Kirk Herbstreit Wants More From Tennessee

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    In the wake of two fourth-quarter collapses, Vol fans everywhere have some serious frustration over how the 2015 season has started. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit voiced similar opinions this morning as he and the rest of the College Gameday crew picked winners for tonight’s game between the Vols and the Arkansas Razorbacks.

    After all of the panelists picked the Vols over the Razorbacks in this evening’s game, Herbstreit offered some words of wisdom directed at Tennessee’s coaching staff. Words that Vol Nation have been screaming for nearly three weeks now. Herbstreit cited the lack of a downfield passing game and lack of aggressive coaching in the fourth quarter as reason’s for Tennessee’s two fourth-quarter meltdown.

    Here’s the transcript of Herbstreit’s segment and a link to the video in the tweet below.

    “Where has the passing game gone?” Herbstreit said, talking about the Vols through four games. “They have a great group of wide receivers. To me, it’s about becoming more balanced, not just about the running and the creating of Josh Dobbs and Jalen Hurd…but they’ve got to be able to stretch a defense.

    “The other thing is, coach fearlessly! A fourth-and-two in the first quarter, you take a halfback jump-pass – go for it in The Swamp – and it works! That mentality needs to be for four quarters. All of a sudden, they’ve got the lead and they’re coaching not to lose, playing not to lose. That’s very different from playing and going after it.

    “This team should be sitting at 4-0. And if they’re listening to any local talk-radio, then they have plenty of motivation to get ready to play this game.”


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