Report Card: Tennessee 38, Georgia 31

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    Brian Randolph made it just in time to bat Georgia’s final heave to the end zone away to secure the win for the Vols. That’s, ultimately, what mattered in this game. But outside of a couple timely plays, this unit was not good at all on Saturday, conceding 279 yards of passing to a fairly pedestrian passing attack. The Vols were beat deep multiple times, missed tackles, dropped would-be key interceptions and, if not for an inexcusable drop by Georgia’s Reggie Davis late, very well may have cost the Vols this victory. There’s plenty to celebrate for the Vols, but finding some answers in the secondary must be a priority going forward if the Vols are going to capitalize on this momentum going forward.


    Daniel: D

    Houston: C-

    Reed: D+

    Average Grade: D+

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