Checking The Film: A Closer Look at Tennessee’s 38-31 Win Over UGA

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    Joshua Dobbs-1-2

    1st Quarter:

    15:00: No need to show it again – everybody has seen it – just an unfortunate injury for Nick Chubb on the first play from scrimmage. Nothing dirty to this play, Emmanuel Moseley does go in low, but legally, and it’s when he’s trying to catch his balance and is hit from another angle going out of bounds that the hyperextension that ended up tearing multiple ligaments occurred.

    12:52: Two things stand out on this play. One, the Vols do a good job of getting a playmaker – Jauan Jennings – in space with the ball and he uses his speed and power to pick up a first down. But secondly, Mike DeBord is setting up what’s to come in the second half – a fake screen to the left where Jennings and a tight end will release up the field and that will later turn into a big play for UT.

    12:32: Pretty nice throw from Joshua Dobbs to Jennings, who lets the ball get a little bit too far into his check, allowing it to bounce around a bit, the UGA defender gets his arm in there, pops it out and linebacker Jake Ganus, who played youth football with Dobbs ironically, is in the right place at the right time to record the only INT on the for the Bulldogs.

    8:42: Here’s the injury to Jashon Robertson. It looks like he just gets incidentally rolled up on in a pile and he would be forced to miss the rest of his game, though Butch Jones expects him to be ready in two weeks against Alabama.

    7:16: Dobbs shows athleticism you just can’t teach. He looks left, the play isn’t there, so he escapes around the right end for a nice third-and-two conversion.

    6:53: Nice job by the right side of the line on the QB draw here, but most of this yardage has to be credited to Dobbs, who breaks at least three full tackles before dragging an addition UGA defender to the 1-yard line.

    6:31: Just a bad, bad, bad football play that the Vols are thankful that it didn’t end up costing them the game. There’s way too much penetration right through the A gap, H-back Joe Stocstill gets hit immediately, creating a pile in the backfield and Jalen Hurd gets held up, stripped and Leonard Floyd takes it 96 yards (credit Joshua Dobbs for hustling the length of the field and stripping him just after he crossed the goal line). This was a potential 14-point swing and UT is glad to live to tell about it.

    2:45: Georgia couldn’t have defended this screen much better. Jalen Hurd, however, couldn’t have had much better of an effort. He had five UGA defenders in front of him when he caught this third-and-nine screen pass. With some help from his blockers, he was able to make all of them miss and then he punishes the sixth at the end of the play to assure the Vols of a first-and-goal.

    1:52: It’s a little bit of a bang-bang play, but it looks like Rico McGraw has enough of Preston Williams’ jersey/arm that he prevented him from making the catch in the end zone and this probably should’ve been flagged for defensive PI. UT isn’t able to convert on the next play and has to settle for the field goal.

    1:48: Bad dropped interception by Malik Foreman on this play. The Vols had at least three opportunities for INTs that were dropped on Saturday.

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