Checking The Film: A Closer Look at Tennessee’s 38-31 Win Over UGA

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    2nd Quarter:

    15:00: You don’t see Cam Sutton give up many touchdown receptions, but you don’t see as many passes as perfectly-thrown as this one was from Greyson Lambert to Malcolm Mitchell either.

    12:02: Kahlil McKenzie seems to be getting better by the week. Great example of him taking on a block here, moving down the line and wrapping up Sony Michel for a minimal gain.

    7:22: The Vols simply must tackle better than this going forward. At least six players can’t bring down Sony Michel, who rips off a huge run into UT territory here. Nice hustle at the end by Cam Sutton to pop the ball out, but it rolls out of bounds before UT can recover it.

    3:45: There’s never much excuse for giving up a 71-yard punt return, though the officials did miss a block in the back on this one after initially throwing the flag and then waving it off.

    3:27: Nice return by Evan Berry close to midfield after the TD that put UT down 24-3. This was an overlooked play in getting the Vols some good field position and helping them get on the board a couple times before the half.

    1:13: After converting a fourth down just a few plays before, Joshua Dobbs steps up again in a big way, threading one in there to Josh Smith for a huge 39-yard catch and run to pull the Vols to within 14 with just over a minute remaining in the first half.

    1:04: Right after the touchdowns, the Vols get another big play. Jakob Johnson forces the fumble on the ensuing kickoff, John Kelly comes up with it and the game has dramatically changed in the matter of just two plays for the Vols.

    :44: Josh Malone may have played his best game as a Vol. Dobbs finds him a bit short of the stick on third and long here, but he makes a man miss and sets UT up with a 1st and goal here, helping the Vols turn the previous turnover into a touchdown instead of a field goal.

    :33: Well-schemed play by Tennessee to send Alvin Kamara in motion and then find him heading towards the pylon for the short touchdown pass. That looks likely pretty blatant offensive pass interference by UT on the receivers who clear out space for Kamara before the ball is in the air, but the Vols were owed a call or two in this first half.

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