I Wanna Be A Cardinal: Pitino Parody Song

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    I Wanna Be A Cardinal is a musical masterpiece that parodies the pathetic sex scandal that’s engulfed Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals. Which means @NeylandPJ has struck again. Some of you know PJ from helping me with Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Bammers, while far more you probably knew of him long before that. He was the guy who did 5 Will Survive (a HILARIOUS parody song about Jameis Winston) and Alabama Saturday Night.

    That’s actually how we met. He tweeted me up to see if I liked it. Fast forward a year and he’s become a really close friend. And when he told me he had a little something brewing about Pitino, I was five kinds of fired up. For good reason. Check it out: