Merry Christmas From Tennessee PARODY VIDEO

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    The day after Thanksgiving, I was on this random YouTube bender when one of my cyber rabbit trails took me to Robert Earl Keen’s Merry Christmas From The Family, a Christmas classic if there every was one. I love the song so much that I watched it a few times and the third time through, a bell went off.

    Merry Christmas From Tennessee.

    So I went to work. I also put in a call to PJ Neyland to get his input which served me well.

    He was even kind enough to appear in the video, as were several other folks, including “Earl and them” from 10 and 2, if you happened to see that. And an unexpected appearance at around the 1:25 mark. So unexpected I didn’t even notice it till I was editing. Even ol’ LoneNutVolFan made a cameo. Or one of his photoshops, at least. A big thank you to LNVF for that.

    Anyway, consider this video our way of recapping a memorable and ultimately very good regular season here on Rocky Top as well as wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas. Or Happy Hanukkah. Or Fantastic Festivus. Whatever it is that you celebrate this holiday season, I hope it’s your best one yet.

    Here’s the video: