Vols DE Jonathan Kongbo Shows Off Strength with 400 Pound Squats

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    When the Tennessee Volunteers were able to get No. 1 JUCO prospect Jonathan Kongbo to recommit to the Vols after decommitting months earlier, coaches and fans were understandably excited. Kongbo’s game film and measurables showed athleticism and strength that would make him a perfect fit along the defensive line in the SEC.

    But as strong as analysts believed him to be, it looks like we all may have underestimated his strength.

    Kongbo posted a video late Tuesday night showing him repping 400 pound squats with what appears to be minimal effort. Take a look at the video in his tweet below:

    It should also be noted that Kongbo, who is not an early enrollee, isn’t with the Vols right now. That performance was put on in a gym somewhere not on Tennessee’s campus, which means he’s that strong on his own without any training in a collegiate weight program.

    Kongbo is one of the more impressive athletes the Vols have signed in recent recruiting classes, and he should only become stronger and more refined once he joins the team this fall.

    If Kongbo can already do this now, just imagine what he can do when he joins the Vols. And what he’ll do to offensive linemen on the field.

    Nathanael Rutherford
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