Daily Archives: Feb 8, 2016

John Cave Osborne wrote about Peyton Manning a couple years ago before the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. Given the result of Super Bowl 50, he thought it was worth revamping and sending it out on a victory lap. Much like the one Peyton's currently enjoying.

We broke down Super Bowl 50, what Peyton will do next and more on RTI Radio with Erik Ainge.

We discussed Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton, Marshawn Lynch and more in What's Buzzing.

As Peyton Manning rides off into the sunset, it's time to see how much he's meant to Vol fans over the years.

Rounding up some of the best social media reaction from Peyton and the Broncos beating the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday evening.

A look at what happened and what's to come for Peyton Manning after the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 victory over the Panthers on Sunday evening.

A look at The Rock on Tennessee's campus, which was painted with a Peyton Manning tribute overnight by resident rock painting expert, Payton Marie Miller.