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Insider Mailing: Heisman Talk Edition

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin /RTI
Photo Credit: Mason Burgin /RTI

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“Obviously we need to win some games but what kind of season stats line would Dobbs need to win the Heisman?” – Caleb Castleman 

Daniel: History says they’d need pretty big lines. For Dobbs, we’re probably talking 3,500+ yards passing, 500+ yards rushing, a very healthy TD-to-INT ratio (at least 3-to-1) and, like you said, a very successful season in the win column. And honestly, that still might not do it, but I think Dobbs’ strong off-field reputation will help his case if he can get close. Hurd needs 1,600 yards, good TD numbers and a decent contribution in the passing game to have a shot. The safe money is always on the quarterback when talking Heisman. Only three non-QBs have won this century – two were Alabama running backs (Henry, Ingram) and the other had to vacate it (Bush).

Nathanael: Dobbs would not only need to put up some monster numbers, but he’d also need guys like Clemson QB Deshaun Watson and Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey to either drop-off some from their seasons last year or have their teams lose some big games. But to answer your question more directly, Dobbs would need to have about 4,000 yards or more of total offense and probably 35+ total touchdowns in order to even be a finalist.

“What will be the biggest surprise at SEC Media Days?” – Blake Richmond 

Daniel: I think UT will be the pick to win the East, but it’ll be closer than UT fans want. There are still plenty in the media – especially beat writers of other teams – who won’t be ready to buy the hype.

Nathanael: We could end up seeing another weird instance like last year when Auburn was picked to win the West but Alabama was picked to win the entire SEC. I think so many have LSU and Bama so close in their rankings that they could easily be neck-and-neck for their division crown and the other one actually end up with more overall first place votes to win the conference. The media is silly.

Ben Miller Loans

“Any linebackers not named JRM or DKjr going to make an impact on defense this season?” – @JTRock21

Daniel: Quart’e Sapp and Cortez McDowell are your best bets. Those guys could play in the true 4-3 look when it’s used and/or could get some spot work to lighten the load on Jalen Reeves-Maybin and to prepare for life after JRM next season.

Nathanael: He’s not technically a linebacker anymore, but I think Austin Smith (now at defensive end) will do some good things this year. Otherwise, I agree with Daniel’s assessment of Sapp and McDowell. Don’t look past Gavin Bryant either.

“Let’s get a Vols-Justice League comparison!” – @Chaz9908

Nathanael: Boy, this is a tough one for multiple reasons. Which Justice League are we talking here? I’m just gonna assume you mean the original Justice League and go with that. So Superman is probably Jalen Hurd because both are about impossible to stop. Evan Berry is The Flash for obvious reasons. I don’t think there’s really a Batman on the team, but I suppose I’d have to go with Butch on that one because he’s about as paranoid as Batman is. As for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman: Your guess is as good as mine.

“Talk of Dabo and Hunter Johnson going after our targets… does this give credence to our staffs ability to eval talent?” – Zach White

Daniel: Somewhat. I think UT is back to being a pretty big-time offer and a team that turns heads when it offers a kid, which is going to draw the attention of programs like Clemson and others. But I also think there’s going to be a fair amount of geographic overlap between the two schools’ recruiting areas, so they naturally are just going to go after some of the same guys.

Nathanael: I think it’s only a positive sign for Tennessee and the staff’s ability to recruit. If programs having the kind of success Clemson is having are trying to get your commits and targets, then you’re doing something right. Now Tennessee just has to hold on to these guys and go out and win some battles.

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