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Insider Mailing: Post-SEC Media Days Edition


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“Do you think Josh Dobbs improves his down the field accuracy in the passing game this season?” – @ClintB_83

Daniel: I do, but I think that will be the function of improvement from the entire offense, not just Dobbs. Getting a second year under the same coordinator, what I think will be an improved offensive line and a potentially healthier, deeper and more experienced wide receiver group will help the passing game at least a little bit. I think a 63% completion rate from Dobbs (he was at 59.6% last year) would be a great step and I think he can get there, or at least close.

Nathanael: I like that we get asked this question in some way, shape, or form nearly every week. It’s definitely a big concern for this season. I agree with Daniel on this, though. I think he improves it, but he doesn’t need to improve it by a ton. Even getting it up to just 61.5% or so should be enough for him and the Vols to have success.

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“Will Latrell Williams be the new Pig Howard (on field)?” – Jeff Cook

Daniel: I think that’s the goal. Butch Jones has traditionally had a smaller, quick guy like Howard or Ralph Davis Abernathy IV (at Cincinnati) in his offense that can stretch the field a bit horizontally by taking reverses, jet sweeps, quicks passes and things like that. Williams is ridiculously fast and can do all of those things. I’d keep expectations in check for him this year, but he certainly gives UT a dynamic option going forward.

Nathanael: Not as a freshman, but he could certainly develop into that, yes. He has amazing speed and has the kind of build you like in a slot receiver. I think he could become a consistent threat after a couple years and be what Pig Howard was supposed to be in 2015 by his third year in the program.

“Will our defense step up this season? A lot of talent.” – @RockyTopBricks

Daniel: I definitely agree that there’s a ton of talent there. There are a couple of spots that are concerning in terms of overall depth, but if that unit stays relatively healthy and plays up to its potential under Bob Shoop, I expect it to be one of the best in the SEC.

Nathanael: Yes. To keep it simple, yes. To expand, though, I think they will take a HUGE step this year. The Vols were already a solid defensive team last year, but they made some defensive gaffes that cost them games for sure. I think the one area that will improve dramatically for Tennessee on defense is 4th down defense. The Vols allowed a staggering 75% conversion rate on 4th down last season. That number will drop significantly under Shoop.

“Thoughts on UT’s performance at Media Days?” – multiple people

Daniel: About as expected. A lot of brash trash talking just isn’t in the DNA of Butch Jones or any of the player reps that went. I thought, overall, they embraced the expectations without adding a ton of fuel to the hype fire. The players drew very favorable reviews from the media there, while Jones has a growing reputation around the nation for being extremely cliche (we’ve known that in this market for awhile). But if recruits buy it and he wins game, that doesn’t  matter one bit.

Nathanael: For once, there was negative buzz around Alabama instead of Tennessee, and for that alone I think Media Days were a success for the Vols. One outside analyst called Tennessee’s players “the most engaging group of players” that were there, and that speaks to Butch’s idea of having 5-star guys off the field as well as on it.

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