Insider Mailing: Football Season is Here Edition

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    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

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    “How many points will Tennessee win by when they play Florida???????” – @JPeay21

    Erik: Less than 10

    Nathanael: I did an article on streak-busting wins not too long ago, and more often than not, the Vols have made it a close game when they beat a team who has beaten them at least three straight times previously. The Vols own a 45-3 victory and a close overtime victory over the Gators in two previous streak busting victories, and my gut tells me this one will be close too. So no more than 14 at the absolute most.

    Daniel: I’m still not ready to make a prediction on this one. If UT does win, I think it will be pretty close.

    “Do you see us returning to the days of Vol football players also running track?” – Doug Brooks 

    Erik: A few skill players, maybe a DB and WR, but never more than just a couple guys that are getting legit playing time.

    Nathanael: I think to an extent, yes. I think the track program is finally getting back to being good, and that will help. Even when both were doing well at the same time, the Vols didn’t have more than a handful of actual contributors that were on both. So I’ll say yes on this one.

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    “Can the 2016-17 Vols gain back our Nat’l standing and take the SEC East?” – @_ables

    Erik: I actually think we will do that this year. We’re eight days from that happening.

    Nathanael: They will do it, yes. The 2016 Vols will put Tennessee “back” on the map, and the 2017 Vols will begin the tradition of keeping Tennessee relevant again for years to come. Butch has said it before, but he wasn’t just about making a “flash in the pan” to have success for a couple years; he wanted to build a program that would have sustainable success. And I think he’s done that.

    “First Vol to score this season?” – Jake Tidwell 

    Erik: Hurd

    Daniel: I’m going for broke – Kahlil McKenzie in as a jumbo fullback (probably Hurd)

    Nathanael: It was Hurd last year, and it would surprise me if it wasn’t him this year. Kamara has a shot, but I think if it’s not Hurd, it’s Dobbs.

    “If Harambe was a recruit where would he go to school?” – Tyler Wright 

    Daniel: I never got the chance to meet Harambe, but he seemed like an in-state type of guy, so I’ll say Ohio State. Or maybe Clemson.

    Nathanael: Well it sure wouldn’t be Cincinnati, I can tell you that much. In fact, I’m going to say he goes to whoever Cincinnati’s biggest rival is. I can’t be bothered to look that up right now, but that’s definitely who.

    “Is it ok to pour a $$$$ bottle of champagne over my head if the streak ends vs UF this year? Or should I buy cheap stuff?” – Shawn Waite 

    Erik: Drink the expensive stuff, pour the cheap stuff on your head and pour one out for your homies

    Daniel: I’ve already given UT fans carte blanche to do whatever they want if that happens as long as they don’t hurt anybody or anything that’s not yours.

    Nathanael: Nah, man, you have to drink the expensive stuff. Get stuff that looks expensive but actually isn’t to pour on your head. Or go all Stone Cold Steve Austin and crack open some cheap beers and drench yourself in those.

    “Who would win in a MMA fight; Butch Jones or Nick Saban?” – @SolidFanVol 

    Daniel: Saban would be scrappy as anything, but while Father Time hasn’t caught up to him as a coach, it would get him in this matchup.

    Nathanael: Butch because he would show good 63 effort and have good eye discipline. Saban would make too many catastrophic mistakes. Plus, Butch has the age advantage by quite a bit. That’s critical.

    “With our recent commits, did @ErikAinge3 and @LCFence help @UTCoachJones build a fence around the state of Tennessee?” – Paul Box 

    Erik: Can’t confirm or deny, but the invisible fence that we installed seems to be working. It keeps guys of certain heights, weights and athletic ability inside the state borders.

    “Will a National Title for Tennessee feel slightly gross if we have one loss in the season…and it’s Florida?” – Paul Box 

    Erik: Gah, no, geez

    Nathanael: Absolutely not. If the Vols only have one loss, even if it’s a blowout loss to Florida, and still win the National Championship, I will go off on anyone who says they can’t enjoy that title. Who cares? The Vols just won a natty. Enjoy that.

    Daniel: If any fans really were upset in that scenario, I’m not really sure what else I could say.

    “Anyone know why Hurd has been non-contact for most of camp?” – Josh Mote

    Daniel: I remember somebody asking Derek Dooley the same questions about Justin Hunter in 2012 and Dooley said, “We just don’t want anybody to touch him.” I think the same applies here.