Notes: Jones Says Hall, Reeves-Maybin Ready To Play

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    Butch Jones had to deliver a lot of bad news on the injury front on Monday, but he had a couple of encouraging updates on Wednesday.

    Jones said he “fully anticipates” tackle Chance Hall and linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin being ready to play against Florida on Saturday. Jones wouldn’t commit to Hall being in the starting lineup, but did confirm that he has been working on the right side of the offensive line in practice.

    Offensive coordinator Mike DeBord later said they hadn’t committed to a starting five on the offensive line at this point in the week.

    Speculating a bit here, but it seems that they would go (left to right) with Brett Kendrick, Jashon Robertson, Dylan Wiesman, Jack Jones and Hall if indeed Hall is ready to play.

    More Berry?: Jones was asked the classic question about why Evan Berry doesn’t get more touches. He wouldn’t commit to inserting him at receiver, running back or anything else along those lines, but did hint that perhaps his usage could expand in the future.

    “You’ll see a little bit more with him in terms of his role,” Jones said, also commenting that Berry has been a bit banged up in recent weeks. 

    Berry, who is currently UT’s all-time leader in kick return average, has returned just two kicks so far this season as teams have made a conscious effort to kick away from him. He’s played a few snaps defensively at safety, but hasn’t made an appearance on the offensive side of the ball in a game thus far in his career. He has practiced with the running backs in the past.

    Confidence Without the Clutter: Jones said the lack of recent trash talk from the Vols and the overall decision by the players to avoid responding to Florida comments isn’t an indication of a lack of confidence from the Vols.

    “Our team is very confident,” he said, also noting that he doesn’t believe in censorship of what is players do an don’t say. “You don’t win nine games in a row by not having confidence.”

    As for how he’s dealing with all the potential distractions that this week can provide, Jones said he’s locked himself in the film room, and said that he views the trash talk is “just clutter and distractions.” 

    Highlights from the coordinators:

    Mike DeBord:

    Bob Shoop:

    • Shoop also said he recruited Florida quarterback Austin Appleby when he was an assistant coach at Vanderbilt. He also has spoken to his brother, John Shoop, who coached Appleby at Purdue. Bob Shoop didn’t go into full detail about what he told him about him other than saying he was complimentary of him.