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Insider Mailing: The Streak Is Dead Edition

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI
Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

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“Did #wwtfa or naw?” – @NeylandMafia 

Daniel: A 38-0 run, a 10-point win that could’ve easily been 17 or 24 and the end of an 11-year streak – yes, I would say so.

Erik: That FA got whipped.

Nathanael: Absolutely. When you outscore your bitter rival 35-7 in the second half and they don’t get a first down in the second half until less than 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter, you whipped them.

“Did the spirit of Harambe take over Jennings body? Or did he trip Tabor? Either way the big man is a Vol.” – @Nerdyguy25

Daniel: I’ve thought for awhile that UT might have some Harambe spirit because of Butch Jones’ ties with Cincinnati.


Nathanael: I promise you, I felt something in the air when he caught that ball. I swore I saw the Sweet Prince’s outline in the clouds above Neyland when Jennings caught it.

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“What is your revised win/loss prediction for the Vawls?” – @millertyme28

Daniel: I said 10-2 before the season, was starting to lean a little bit more to 9-3 after the shaky start, but I’m back to feeling confident about 10-2. I like UT’s chances at Georgia, but I still think at A&M and Bama will be tough. UT should take care of business down the stretch, but I do think this team showed it can play up or down to level of competition in the first few weeks, so one or two of those might be closer than expected.

Erik: Sticking with 11-1.

Nathanael: I, like Daniel, said 10-2 before the season, and that’s what I’m sticking with for now as well. The Texas A&M game still concerns me, and I think Tennessee still loses to Alabama. I’m certainly leaning a little more towards 11-1 and would even more if the Vols go out and look strong against Georgia. But for now, I’m staying with 10-2.

“Which was passed around at halftime, Michael’s Secret Stuff or a gallon of stickum?” – Trip Hiller 

Daniel: I think stickum is more likely. Watching the game a couple more times, I really think it’s a one-score game at halftime if UT just makes a few more easy-to-medium-level difficulty catches in the first half.

Erik: Michael’s Secret Stuff. Bill Murray was there to confirm.

Nathanael: I didn’t see anyone flying around and dunking (except maybe Jennings), so I’m going to say stickum on this one. Although I think Jennings had some of Michael’s Secret Stuff while the rest used some stickum.

“Is Jalen Hurd less explosive this year or does it just appear that way because of OL weak spots?” – Justin Miller 

Daniel: I don’t think we have seen a noticeable improvement in explosion in the second and third levels so far this year from Hurd. Agreed that he hasn’t had a ton of opportunities, but he has no carries of over 30 yards in almost 100 attempts on the year. That doesn’t take away from what he is doing for this offense, but that’s my honest assessment of what we’ve seen so far.

Erik: It just appears that way because he hasn’t gotten the edge nearly as much.

Nathanael: When it comes to Hurd, the word “explosive” has never come to mind for me. Sure, he can break a big run if he gets to the outside, but that’s not usually his game. Or at least not how they game plan him. They use him more as a battering ram between the tackles, but he can be explosive if he gets in space. Look at that 23-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter against Florida.

“Into about how many pieces did Jalen Tabor’s ankles shatter?” – @UmbrAndrew

Daniel: Good thing they’re on the road for a couple weeks – it’ll take awhile to pick them all up.

Nathanael: Five pieces. One for every drop the Vols had in the first half.

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