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Tennessee Fan Absolutely Obliterates A&M Fan’s Joke


This was bound to happen.

Tennessee’s fanbase takes itself very seriously as the most prideful group on social media. Texans, in general, are among the most prideful people period. So when these things collide, fireworks are coming.

And there have already been plenty of run-ins on social media between the two fanbases as the Vols get ready to head to College Station this weekend for a top-10 matchup. One instance, in particular, stands out as a total victory for Tennessee fans so far.

Aggie fans have been making jokes about the Vols on Twitter with the hashtag #BTHOTennessee (“beat the hell out of Tennessee”). One girl gave it a shot, and probably had no idea what she was in for.

For those of you that are not well versed in history, the response refers to Tennessee having 30,000 volunteers to fight in the Mexican War of 1846 – the war that ultimately led to Texas becoming a state in America, as opposed to being part of Mexico.

Thousands of notifications later:

Point, Tennessee.

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