Did A&M Take The Dobbs Trash Talk Too Far?

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    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tennessee Athletics

    College football trash talk has no official rules, and every fanbase is certainly guilty of pushing, or passing the line at some points.

    Some Texas A&M fans might have pushed that line this week as they get ready to host a top-10 matchup with the Vols in College Station on Saturday:




    These certainly aren’t the first Dobbs jokes to surface. But as more fans have learned and have been educated about the disease of alopecia – a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles (per WebMD) – most fans have left eyebrow and hair jokes alone, realizing that it is a disease, and not a joking matter.

    That memo apparently hasn’t made it to College Station yet.