Where UT Finished The Regular Season In Statistical Rankings

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    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    Here’s a look at where Tennessee’s finished statistically in the SEC in the major statistical categories. All data is taken from CFBStats.com and is rounded to the closest tenth of a yard/point/percentage point:


    Scoring: 2nd (36.3 ppg)
    Total: 8th (437.3 ypg)
    Rushing: 8th (203.3 ypg)
    Passing: 5th (234.1 ypg)
    Sacks allowed: 9th (2.1/game)
    3rd-down conversions: 8th (41%)
    4th-down conversions: 13th (25%)
    Red-zone scoring: 2nd (88.9%)
    Plays of 20+ yards: 2nd (73)


    Scoring: 9th (29.3 ppg)
    Total: 11th (460.2 ypg)
    Rush: 12th (231.7 ypg)
    Pass: 10th (228.5 ypg)
    Sacks: 6th (2.2/game)
    TFLs: 3rd (7.8/game)
    3rd-down defense: 6th (38.2%)
    4th-down defense: 3rd (33.3%)
    Red-zone defense: 12th (85.4%)
    Plays of 20+ yards given up: 12th (69)

    Special teams: 

    Punt returns: 4th (11.4 yds/return)
    KO returns: 2nd (24.9 yds/return)
    Punt coverage: 13th (12.7 yds/return)
    Kickoff coverage: 7th (20.7 yds/return)
    Punting: 3rd (44.7 yds/punt)
    Field goals: 12th (66.7%)


    Turnover margin: 10th (-2)
    Penalties: 12th (55.8 yds/game)