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Dobbs Unfazed By NFL Questions

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

For whatever reason, some NFL teams have questioned Joshua Dobbs’ ability to grasp a professional playbook – a bizarre concern for a player known as one of the smartest players available in this year’s NFL Draft.

Dobbs has been “incredulous” when responding to that question, according to a report from Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback site. After all he had on his plate in college, that shouldn’t be too daunting of a challenge for him.

“My senior year I was taking astronautics, propulsion and an aerodynamics class… all on the same day,” Dobbs said. “At the same time as football season when I was leading an SEC team. I think I can handle it.”

Some teams have also questioned his passion for football. Dobbs certainly isn’t a typical NFL prospect. Few took on the academic course load that he did and few will have the options outside of football that Dobbs will.

Still, he doesn’t view those as negatives when it come to evaluating him as a draft prospect, and he hopes that NFL teams won’t either.

“I shouldn’t be punished for having a second passion, or plan for after playing football,” he said.

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