Peyton Manning Has a New Job

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    Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

    Former Vol legend and future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has a new job he can add to his resume. But it may not be one that you would expect.

    Ever since he’s retired, Manning has been linked to all sorts of different routes of employment. From an ownership role with the Indianapolis Colts to broadcasting to even running for state senate or even the presidency someday, everyone is trying to figure out what Manning will do now that he’s retired.

    Well now Manning has a new job title. And it’s not related to any of the positions mentioned above.

    Riddell, the company that manufactures football helmets for college football and the NFL, has employed Manning as a “strategic advisor” according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

    “Riddell is one of the most recognizable brands in football and has long maintained its leadership position through meaningful improvements in player protection and game-tested innovation,” Manning stated in a press release. “Riddell is also doing great work to educate the football community about new protective technology, the importance of proper equipment management, and coordinating initiatives that make new gear available to football programs in need. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to invest in the company and join #TeamRiddell to help reinforce the brand’s efforts in advancing the sport I love and believe in.”

    Manning’s new job will see him be very active with the company, as Riddell would go on to explain in the same release.

    “Manning’s new role as strategic advisor to Riddell will encompass contributions in product development, community and charitable initiatives, internal programming, and special projects directed by Riddell executive leadership,” the company stated in the same press release.

    While it may not be the first venture post-retirement many had envisioned for Manning, his first job after leaving the NFL certainly makes sense given the issues football has had with concussions and health concerns with players. Riddell is working towards constructing helmets that help reduce the severity of head injuries. And who better to help than a man who played in the NFL for nearly two decades?