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Colin Cowherd Blasts Butch Jones

It’s no secret that Colin Cowherd is no fan of Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. In the past, Cowherd has shared some strong opinions about Jones and what he thinks Tennessee should do with him. But on Friday, Cowherd absolutely unloaded on Jones out of nowhere.

During a segment on his show, The Herd, Cowherd listed off betting odds for which college football coach will be fired first according to a sporstbook in Las Vegas. The sportsbook had Jim Mora of UCLA listed as the most probable firing, but Cowherd vehemently disagreed, stating that Butch Jones should be No. 1 on the list.

“First of all, if there is a hot seat, the guy at Tennessee, Butch Jones, should be the leader in the clubhouse at 2-1,” Cowherd said during the segment. “Forget 9-1. 2-1. They play Georgia Tech and Florida in the first three weeks. He loses one he could be fired. Two? He’s done. He’ll be fired by week three.”

Jones’ name appeared ninth on the list of coaches most likely to be fired at the end of the season, but Cowherd believes Jones should easily be at the top of the list because of the pressures of not only coaching at Tennessee, but in the SEC in general.

Cowherd cited the passion of SEC fans being greater than any other college football fan base, and listed off Les Miles and Mark Richt as examples of coaches who were fired from their respective schools even after having somewhat successful seasons. He compared those coaches and the atmosphere of SEC football to the Pac-12 and how coaches with losing records, such as Ty Willingham, were given a year or two more before being fired.

“The heat in the Pac-12 is not even close to the heat in the SEC,” Cowherd added. “You ever listen to sports talk radio in the south? You ever read sports columns in the south?

“Tennessee loses the opener against Georgia Tech, and, I’m not joking here, the regents will meet Sunday morning and be like ‘Okay we gotta find a replacement.'”

Cowherd would go on to defend Jim Mora, stating confidently that Mora is “not on the hot seat” at all. He cited Mora’s overall 41-24 record and the fact that UCLA lost star quarterback Josh Rosen last season as well.

But Cowherd didn’t end there.

As if his comments didn’t get across his point well enough, Cowherd decided to throw what little subtlety remained in the segment completely out the window when he said “Let’s show the guy who’s on the hot seat,” and flashed this graphic on the screen.

After that, Cowherd added “That’s what his office looks like right now. They have to have fire retardant walls, because he’s literally on a chair that’s burning,”

Jones had appeared on many hot seat lists this offseason, but with fall camp starting around the country, that talk had mostly died down. But Cowherd appeared to be determined to single-handedly bring back those discussions during his show on Friday.

If you want to watch the entire segment, you can do so here:

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4 Responses

  1. Colin is friends with Clay Travis. I’m sure Clay told him to blast UT whenever and it’ll be good for ratings.

  2. He is spot on about the south,college football everything.I love the Vols but I to think BJ is on the hotseat and lose to Georgia Tech the regents start looking,lose to the gators and BJ should be gone.

  3. Who cares what colon cowturd has to say. Who died and made him boss of the universe, lol.

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