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RTI Film Review: Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech

Smith and Robertson Fuel Kelly’s Big Night

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

John Kelly had a career performance to start the season. But two guys in front of him did as well, which is a big reason why the Vols had so much success running the ball in the second half.

My early impressions of Trey Smith are very good. Right here he pulls around the right tackle, mowing down a defensive back.

Smith does an excellent job getting to the next level. Jashon Robertson does too, and he had his best performance while at Tennessee on Monday according to Jones.

The same thing happens on this play, except the weakside pressure doesn’t get in the backfield. Robertson gets a good push at the line of scrimmage and Smith gets to the next level, opening a big hole for Kelly.

Kelly runs angry. And his style is perfect for Tennessee’s personnel on the offensive line.

Walt Wells gets a passing grade in his first game as the offensive line coach. Tennessee consistently got a good push and also moved linebackers out of the way.

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