Former Vols React to Vols’ Crushing Loss to Florida

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    Photo By Austin Perryman/Tennessee Athletics

    Vol fans certainly didn’t handle the Vols’ 26-20 loss to Florida well immediately after the game. And some former Vols let their passion flow online as well after the heart-breaking loss.

    Several former Vols took to Twitter after Tennessee lost to the Gators for the seventh-straight time in the Swamp on Saturday, and none were pleased with the situation.

    Albert Haynesworth was extremely critical of Tennessee’s defense earlier last week on an appearance on a radio show, and he didn’t hold back again on social media this time. This specific tweet is referencing the Vols’ goal line play-calling in the second half.

    Tennessee’s loss made former receiver and national champ Peerless Price turn to his wine cellar.

    Former running back Jabari Davis, who helped defeat Florida twice in his four years at Tennessee, was so fed up with the vols after the game that he wanted to leave the United States.

    Not only that, but Davis voiced his approval of running back John Kelly and disdain for the coaching style in the game.

    Byron Moore, a defensive back during his time with the Vols, couldn’t believe his eyes. He then called out the coaching staff and then left Twitter to eat his feelings.

    Jalen Reeves-Maybin, who’s now in the NFL with the Detroit Lions, saw what it was like to experience a tough loss as a spectator rather than as a player.

    Offensive lineman Ja’Wuan James reaffirmed his commitment to Tennessee even despite the devastating loss.

    Former defensive end Antonio Reynolds questioned the decision to go into a cover two defense on the last play of the game, and he appears to want to hire John Kelly as a player coach as well.

    Robert Ayers, who plays for Tampa Bay in the NFL now, used gifs to sum up his feelings after the game.

    Another former defensive lineman, Jacques McClendon, lamented the fact that Tennessee didn’t use the I-formation to pick up crucial yards on short downs or at the goal line.

    Leonard Little praised Justin Martin for not giving up and causing a fumble on what was about to be a touchdown for the Gators, but he also pleaded for more rushing attempts by the Vols.

    Charles Davis, who was a defensive back for Tennessee and now works for FOX Sports, felt pain for the players and specifically reached out to Micah Abernathy after the last play of the game.

    Former Vol quarterback Erik Ainge spread the blame around for the Vols’ loss, placing blame on coaching mistakes as well as some poor execution by players.

    Jayson Swain, who played receiver for the Vols and now hosts a daily radio show, questioned the lack of usage of defensive back Shaq Wiggins and also questioned the play-calling in the red zone and on the last play of the game.