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Report: Vol Player Played with Concussion Against Kentucky

Photo Credit: Mason Burgin/RTI

According to a report from The Read Optional, a Tennessee offensive lineman allegedly played part of the Tennessee-Kentucky game with a concussion.

Brett Kendrick a redshirt senior offensive lineman from Knoxville, has made 28 starts including all eight games this season, and he started Tennessee’s game against Kentucky on Saturday. And according to The Read Optional, he sustained a concussion in the first half of the game but still played for two quarters after.

The Read Optional states they received communication from sources confirming Kendrick had sustained the concussion during the game. The following is from a text the writer reportedly received:

“He is resting in a dark room. He doesn’t remember anything about the second half of the game. They left him in until the last 22 seconds and only pulled him out because he finally threw up on the sideline.”

The article then shows a couple plays during the game that shows Kendrick “visibly wobbling throughout the second and third quarters.” The article also states that Kendrick “missed assignments and often appeared unaware that the ball was even snapped.”

The article goes on to state that a “source within the program” confirmed to them that Kendrick suffered a concussion and is “currently in the concussion protocol” and told a member of Tennessee’s staff that he was “feeling woozy.”

It’s unclear just how much of this was known by head coach Butch Jones, and the article states as much. “It is unclear when and what Jones knew himself,” the article claims. Jones nor his staff have issued any statement at this time pertaining to the issue, and there was nothing said after the game about an injury to Kendrick either.

Butch Jones is scheduled as of now to speak to the media on Wednesday at noon for his usual mid-week press conference. We will update with any new information as it comes about.

UPDATE: Tennessee athletic director John Currie has released a statement regarding Kendrick and the health of Tennessee’s student athletes.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes is our number on responsibility. Our sports medicine staff and team medical personnel have full autonomy and unquestioned authority during all team activities, including the ability to remove a player from competition and ‘return to play’ decisions. At all football games, the Southeastern Conference has a trained independent medical observer present who also has full authority to stop play and remove a student-athlete from competition for assessment and/or treatment.”

Currie goes on to state that “we have a constant and consistently communicated expectation that all coaches, staff, and student-athletes remain attentive to ensure that any potential injuries are appropriately addressed-with full intentions that student-athlete safety is never compromised.”

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