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Jimmy Haslam Wants Peyton Manning, Just Not for Tennessee

Peyton Manning is enjoying his retirement from football, and he doesn’t appear to want to jump back into football or a big, public job any time soon.

But if one national analyst is correct, Manning could be targeted for a huge job sometime soon.

Albert Breer, a senior NFL reporter for the Monday Morning Quarterback and NBC Sports Boston, appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this week to discuss the NFL. The Cleveland Browns came up, and Breer posed an interesting theory.

Breer stated that if things continue to go down the path they are for the Browns right now (who are 0-8 on the season), Jimmy Haslam, who is the owner of the Browns, may try to blow up the operations and go after a “football czar.” And Breer believes Peyton Manning would be who Haslam would target, citing their “close relationship.”

“I’m not saying they blow it up after this year,” Breer said to Cowherd, “but I think Jimmy Haslam’s intention has been to give these guys at least three or four years to build it up. But if coaching and scouting isn’t lined up the right way, the answer would be to go and bring in a football czar.”

Cleveland is in a bad situation right now in football. The Browns haven’t won a game since December 24th of last year, and the franchise has only won four games total since the start of the 2015 season. That’s a 4-36 record over the last two-plus seasons.

If Haslam does elect to “blow it up” and go after a football czar much the way the Denver Broncos did with John Elway, Breer believes Manning will be the first call Haslam makes.

“We know Peyton Manning has a desire to play that kind of role,” Breer stated. “I’m not sure whether he’s ready to jump out of retirement back into the football world again, but I know that he’s a very close confidant of Jimmy Haslam’s.

“Jimmy Haslam’s a huge University of Tennessee booster, and Peyton Manning would probably be the first guy on his list if he were looking to bring a guy in for the organization to set the agenda.”

Manning hasn’t taken any major football jobs since he’s retired. He’s allegedly been involved with Tennessee while they’ve looked for an Athletic Director and is rumored to be involved more in the impending search for a head coach, but he has no official job with a university or NFL team right now.

But if Breer is correct, Haslam may target Manning to aid him with the Browns should he elect to make some major moves.

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