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The 5 coaches the Vols must avoid

2. Mike Norvell, Memphis HC

(image via Hero Sports)

Maybe Norvell is the next big thing in college football, but the Vols shouldn’t have to gamble on a 36-year old coach with no major program experience. What’s he’s done at Memphis has, admittedly, been impressive, as he’s he’s put together a 16-6 record through two years, including an 8-1 mark so far in 2017. He’s turned Tennessee castoff quarterback Riley Ferguson into a consistent star who will get NFL opportunities. But Norvell is also building on the success that Justin Fuente, who is now at Virginia Tech, built for the Tigers. Fuente was the one that took over a hapless program and it turned it into an AAC contender. Norvell has certainly benefitted to some extent from having his players, and the momentum that was built. It would be understandable to give him a look, but he’s too risky for Currie at this point in his career.

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2 Responses

  1. What has Gruden done? He has not coached in sometime and being a TV commentator does not enhance his qualifications. I think we need somebody that bleeds orange, T Martin is my choice, he is young, successful, a Tennessee alumni, a national championship quarterback. He knows how to win!

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