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Report: Tennessee in Heavy Pursuit of Jon Gruden

Strap in, Vol fans. This latest round of “Grumors” is going to get you excited.

According to multiple reports, Tennessee has increased their pursuit of Jon Gruden to become the Vols’ next head football coach.

Both John Brice, a former 247Sports writer, and current 247Sports writer Grant Ramey reported that Tennessee athletic director John Currie flew down to Tampa Bay sometime Wednesday and were there during the night and into Thursday. Both alleged that Currie was down there to make a pitch to Gruden to be the Vols’ next head football coach.

Brice and Ramey aren’t the only ones reporting this, however. Trey Wallace of The Read Optional, a reporter who helped break the news about the Florida Gator football players being arrested and Jim McElwain being fired as Florida’s head coach, has reported the same information.

According to Wallace, the pitch from Tennessee has been made, and now the ball is in Gruden’s court. Essentially, if Wallace is correct, Tennessee is just waiting on a decision from Gruden. No timetable has been set, and there’s no clear understanding what the pitch exactly is.

It’s also worth noting that long-time Knoxville reporter Jimmy Hyams contradicted these reports somewhat as well.

Hyams specifies no pitch or interviewed happened today, on Thursday. This could still mean a pitch and interview happened on Wednesday, but it’s more likely that Hyams is just outright disputing the other reports.

We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

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3 Responses

  1. I hope you guys aren’t lying outright just to generate traffic. Because the respected sports reportes around town are saying your stories are bs. My question is, was bigfoot on the plane to tampa as well? Did they pick up bat boy on the way?

  2. Gruden has never recruited a single person. He won a super bowl with a team tony dungy built. The only person gruden has ever recruited is his wife and I’m not so sure she didn’t recruit him….

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