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Report: Jon Gruden Visits with Peyton Manning

According to several reports and one unconfirmed photo, Jon Gruden was in Knoxville today and met with none other than Tennessee legend Peyton Manning.

At first, it seemed like nothing more than rumor and speculation that Gruden was with Manning. But then several confirmations began to appear, and the story seemed more and more plausible.

According to several reporters, Gruden and Manning were with each other with a large group of people at Calhoun’s, a locally owned restaurant. John Pennington of The Sports Source and Dan Harralson of Saturday Down South both got confirmation from Bart Fricks, the COO of Copper Cellar, and Calhoun’s management that the two were there.

And to add more intrigue into the mix, this photo has been making the rounds on Twitter. There has been no confirmation if the person with his back to the camera is Jon Gruden or not, but most are assuming it is, in fact, him.

We have so far been unable to find out who posted the original picture, but it’s been passed around by multiple accounts on Twitter.

UPDATE: It appears as though Gruden may not have been in Knoxville after all. According to John Pennington of Sports Source again, the reports Gruden was at Calhoun’s may have been false.

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  1. Worst Season in My Life. Vols have sunk to the bottom of the football world. They are Horrible

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