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UPDATE: Jon Gruden Was Not with Peyton Manning in Knoxville

(Photo via Mark Duncan/Associated Press)

The “Grumors” have reached an all-time high in Knoxville.

Earlier today, there were multiple reports saying Jon Gruden had met with Peyton Manning at Calhoun’s in Knoxville on Saturday. After the story had floated around for an hour with more and more reports confirming it, some of the same reporters began to back track on their reports, and eventually Calhoun’s themselves issued a statement on the matter, saying Gruden wasn’t in town in their restaurant.

Gruden has been confirmed to have been in Seattle at the time the meeting with Manning was allegedly taking place.

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  1. I would like to ask a question if Peyton is still in town I would like to know why he would not take the job?….. With his experience and name we would get all #1or 2 recruits. His fan base is behind him. I have ask and stated my wish for Payton to come here again. I would love a answer if he should see this or a friend that knows the answer. Sharon Pratt Collins VOL. THIS season to shall pass but I think Butch should have had 1 more year. We had so many players that had played before hurt he was working with. Freshmen. I liked Butch and when I found out today that the man that fired him was in his first year.that was crap. Best wishes Butch

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