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Vol Player Calls Out Kirk Herbstreit on Twitter

Back when Tennessee played Alabama this season, Vol defensive back Rashaan Gaulden drew some flack from national media members for giving a double middle finger salute to Alabama fans after the Vols scored their lone touchdown of that game.

One of those people who called out Gaulden was College Gameday host Kirk Herbstreit. He said live on air the following week that Gaulden should’ve “no longer been on the team” after flipping the bird at Alabama fans.

“I just need to say this because I haven’t had a chance to say this all week,” Herbstreit began. “They had no chance of winning the game against Alabama and one of their players, No. 7, Rashaan Gaulden, ends up throwing up the fingers. You’re thinking, with everything that’s been going on with Tennessee, that guy will probably never play again. Next series, defense is on the field, No. 7 is back in the lineup playing on the field.

“And you wonder why Tennessee has issues. They don’t have any discipline. (Butch Jones) should’ve taken his uniform off, sent him upstairs to go get a popcorn and say you’re no longer on the team and sent a message to the whole team.”

But on Saturday evening, Herbstreit appeared to have changed his tune when it came to another player. And Gaulden wasn’t having it.

Herbstreit took to Twitter to congratulate Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield for winning the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night. Mayfield made headlines earlier this season when the Sooners played Kansas when he made obscene gestures towards Kansas after Oklahoma took a huge lead on them.

Yet Herbstreit didn’t call out Mayfield for his actions. Instead, here is what he had to say:

Gaulden disagreed with Herbstreit’s stance and quoted his tweet, blasting Herbstreit for what he believed to be hypocrisy.

Gaulden finished this season with 65 total tackles, totaling 3.5 tackles for loss, six passes defended, an interception, and three forced fumbles.

UPDATE: Herbstreit has since seen Gaulden’s tweet and acknowledged his mistake, apologizing to Gaulden and saying he was “unfair” to Gaulden.

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  1. Good for you Gaulden. I do think Herbie is about as fair as it gets but that’s more of a testament to the lack of quality overall.

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