Paul Finebaum Calls Butch Jones “Pathetic Carny Barker”

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    Vol fans love to hate on former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. Whether it’s laughing at him being called an intern by Nick Saban for his new role at Alabama or making fun of his various catch phrases during his time with the Vols, fans enjoy poking fun at the former UT head coach.

    So Vol fans will probably love what SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum had to say about Jones in relation to new head coach Jeremy Pruitt.

    Finebaum was speaking with other analysts on SEC Network in Atlanta after Pruitt spoke to the media at SEC Media Days. They were discussing Pruitt’s time at the podium in front of the gathered crowd, and Finebaum said he believed Pruitt did a great job representing Tennessee, especially compared to what the Vols had last year.

    “A year ago, Butch Jones was disingenuous, thin-skinned, he was a pathetic carny barker,” Finebaum said. “He’s now gone, and Tennessee fans want to see a real coach up there, and they have a real coach.”

    But that wasn’t all Finebaum had to say about Tennessee. He also believes the Vols have “a real athletic director” in Phillip Fulmer as well.

    “They also have a real athletic director, the man who should’ve been hired in the first place but who was passed over in spite of everything Phillip Fulmer has done for the university,” Finebaum added. “I think for the first time in a long time, the University of Tennessee is back on the right track.”

    It’s clear Finebaum was no fan of Butch Jones’ time at Tennessee. But he was more than impressed with Pruitt’s handling of SEC Media Days this year and with how Pruitt has done so far in his short time as Tennessee’s head coach.

    You can hear all of Finebaum’s comments thanks to video recorded by Jordan Dajani of Saturday Down South: