Vols Get New Jersey Numbers, More to Come?

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    Photo by Nathanael Rutherford/RTI

    On Friday at practice, Tennessee had an updated roster with new jersey numbers for several of their players. While the online roster has yet to reflect these changes, several of Tennessee’s more prominent players heading into the 2018 season received new numbers.

    With the changes, UT now has several players on both sides of the ball with the same jersey number. And that begs the question: Are still more jersey number changes coming?

    Is Tennessee’s number change on Friday just a temporary change for West Virginia prep week? If not, then the Vols are facing a situation heading into the season where players like running back Ty Chandler and receiver Latrell Williams can’t be on the field at the same time because the two now have the same number.

    UT might not be done changing numbers just yet. And if any more changes come, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    As of right now, however, 10 scholarship players for the Vols received new numbers on Friday, and three walk-ons did as well. It remains to be seen if these are permanent changes, but here is the list of the 13 Vols who saw their numbers change.

    • RB Ty Chandler now No. 8, was No. 3
    • TE Dominick Wood-Anderson now No. 4, was No. 18
    • LB Jonathan Kongbo now No. 99, was No. 1
    • WR Josh Palmer now No. 84, was No. 5
    • DB Bryce Thompson now No. 20, was No. 10
    • DL Kingston Harris now No. 54, was No. 51
    • K Brent Cimaglia now No. 42, was No. 30
    • LB Austin Smith now No. 30, was No. 11
    • CB/WR D.J. Henderson now No. 39, was No. 31
    • DL Matthew Butler now No. 94, was No. 56
    • Walk-on LB Nyles Gaddy now No. 57, was No. 42
    • Walk-on WR Malik Elion now No. 89, was No. 34
    • Walk-on LB Nick Humphrey now No. 44, was No. 3

    Tennessee now has three players with the No. 8 jersey (Chandler, Williams, and LB Jordan Allen), two players with the No. 4 jersey (Wood-Anderson and WR/DB Maleik Gray), two players with the No. 84 jersey (Palmer and TE James Brown), and two players with the No. 20 jersey (Thompson and DB Cheyenne Labruzza).